Nivea New Platform for print. Recreating media platform for a strong and successful brand of 100 years-old was a real challenge. Every single detail starting from a main art direction, composition, type-setting, product placement, copywriter to pantone usage for different sexes has to be analyzed, redefined and recreated to make sure the brand does not lose its strong identity but was appropriately boosted to stand at its edge of a modern trend. Moreover, Beirersdorf has to be able to synchronously use and apply the new platform at a global level in order to communicate the same messages across an international marketing mix. This year, 2013, Beirersdorf is strongly determined to shift its focus on corporate rebranding due to a new marketing message of “Witty Guy and Sassy Girl” campaign and office relocation.  Relevant elements as little as employees’ badges must also correspond accordingly.  Having familiarized ourselves with previous work with this campaign, we managed to pinch in a touch of “coolness” and “playfulness” in employees’ nicknames.
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