mad-Arai-D Co.Ltd, was founded by 3 young Thais, with each bringing their own unique skills and knowledge of advertising to the table. With over 20 years of experience between them, they look to take the world of advertising by storm.  They’ve worked with many global and local names such as Pepsi, Beiersdorf, GMM Grammy, KTM, Oakley, GTH, Bacardi, GDH 559 and many more... 
At mad-Arai-D Co.Ltd, we truly understand the details and complexity of creativity. We are big believers in making simple, yet effective  end products that communicate to consumers. 

We design. We draw. We conquer.
There’s no problem we can’t solve, no product we can’t make mad-ass. The way we see it, it's either the mad way or the wrong way. We challenge ourselves to find the most innovative solution as well as produce a meaningful, effective visual product for your marketing tools in order to connect the brands with the people.
We fascinate. We titillate. We stimulate.
We don’t just think outside the box. We think outside the box that holds the box. We push the boundary of creativity to its fullest and the result is something we’re always proud to put our name on.
We are mad:
We are mad enough to break the rules. We always cross the line. We "Simplify & Create Innovative Solutions from Scratch"
We are madly in love with building visual branding; ad campaign, print and digital media, interactive communication, event concept, film, photography, motion media, and production. We are with you in every step of the way in creating your strong identity. All these to achieve  lasting impressions for our clients and your consumers. 
Isn't it time you go mad? You would be crazy not to.