Thai baby boomer’s favorite – Double Goose t-shirt has been ahousehold name for more than 50 years. These feathery duos areseasoned veterans of Thai brands, braving numerous winters intopresent day’s consumer market. According to its fixation to whole sale marketing, however, the brand’sadaptation in modern trade market has started to reveal a necessity.That is the problem and we provide the solution – rebranding of thisestablished household brand with high customer loyalty proves achallenge we handle with the utmost delicateness. Through ourthorough research and meticulous brand development strategy, weexecuted the rebranding project without having the final outcomedisturbed Double Goose’s substantial sale while improving sale in newemerging markets. This design aims to emphasize brand’s imageadaptability to new visual trends with new product lines prepared bythe brand’s marketing plan.
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